Rafab Inc specializes in building decks that fit the consumer's need as well as enhancing the appearance of existing property and its overall value. Our decks are built in accordance with code specifications.

VEKAdeck™, the reinforced cellular PVC deck board from VEKA, has proven to be the alternative to wood and wood fiber/plastic composite decking materials. VEKA's PVC formulation is lighter than wood or composite materials but is highly impact resistant. VEKAdeck™ works similarly to other decking products, requiring no special tools or fasteners.
VEKAdeck™ and matching fascia board is offered by Rafab in several attractive colors to satisfy most applications.

VEKAdeck Colors

Since VEKAdeck™ is made from 100% PVC and color stabilizers, this premium deck board is more resistant to fading due to normal weather conditions. Gradual, uniform color change may occur and is normal, but VEKAdeck™ will display an attractive appearance season after season. Our reinforced cellular PVC extrusion process gives VEKAdeck™ dimensional stability and impact resistance that outperforms the competition. VEKAdeck™ comes with a Lifetime Warranty against rotting, chipping, peeling, blistering or corrosion.

The product’s low water absorption property makes it ideal for high humidity, pool or marine environments. Maintenance is simply reduced to periodic cleaning with mild household soaps. Standing water should be removed to prevent mold, mildew and dirt build up.

VEKAdeck Technology

VEKAdeck™ is an engineered deck board that meets or exceeds ASTM standards for impact and puncture resistance, provides excellent traction when wet or dry and is thermally reflective to ensure that it is cool under your feet. Performance characteristics such as beautiful appearance, long life, high durability, low maintenance requirements, high return on investment and an environmentally friendly status make VEKAdeck™ the ideal deck for residential and commercial decking applications. VEKAdeck™ is the perfect way to add value and beauty to your home!